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SolRx Difference

At SolRx, we serve students and professionals from various backgrounds and at different levels of their training.Throughout our history, SolRx has helped students unlock their potential by providing student centred and outcome based review programs. At Solrx, our mission is to partner with pharmacy candidates to achieve their professional dreams, which is done through an array of unique strategies, ideas, philosophies and innovations, encompassing the following:


At the end of each session or lesson, an assessment is provided, allowing candidates to gauge their understanding of the concepts and learning points taught more importantly, with the review and discussion of the questions, candidates identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses, which will aid them in their future learning and study plan at the end of a program, candidates have an opportunity to truly test their skills and knowledge base with a Mock Exam, during which real-life stresses and time requirements are introduced to provide


We understand that becoming licensed in Canada can be a confusing, tedious and stressful process and the faculty at SolRx are here to help every step of the way. We are empathetic to each individual circumstance and support our students in all aspects of their learning. There appears to be a copious amount of material to be digested, but the expert faculty teaches it in an innovative and systematic manner in which every student will flourish. Not only do we take the time to train students academically, but each student that registers for the evaluating exam will be provided a 20-minute initial consultation meeting and continued support throughout their journey with SolRx!


At SolRx we believe that each student deserves their own individualized learning plan. Each candidate has a different learning style which is why we constantly take the time to discuss individual challenges and learning strategies to ensure each student unlocks their own potential. We will take the time to assess each student’s overall progress and ensure their strengths are re-enforced and their weaknesses are overcome with individualized teaching.


SolRx is pioneering the realm of online programs for its various PEBC exam preparatory courses, creating a truly interactive global classroom. Our teaching methods are innovative yet simplistic. We strive to re-define traditional teaching models, allowing students to focus on the material in an active and constructive manner. Through novel technologies, innovative teaching styles, and a student center approach, SolRx is creating educational opportunities and inspiring students to achieve their personal best.

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