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Who We Are

SolRx offers a variety of programs to help students and professionals enter or advance careers in the Canadian pharmacy and healthcare industry.

Our comprehensive course offerings and in-depth expertise help students not only achieve their sought-after qualifications, but also help them become intuitive, life-long learners and an integral part of the Canadian pharmacy profession.

SolRx Inc. Pharmacy Review Programs has been a leader in assisting both Canadian and Internationally trained pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to attain licensure in Canada.

Boasting a highly qualified faculty, SolRx fosters a highly conceptual and preparatory environment, providing each student the skills to pass their licensing exams on their first attempt.

SolRx has redefined online learning, by offering one of a kind comprehensive online review programs, aimed at assisting international candidates in passing the license exams from the comfort of their own homes.

Since their inception in 2009, several hundred pharmacy candidates have flourished with SolRx’scomprehensive In-Class and Online programs, offering students around the world an opportunity in becoming an active member of the Canadian Health Care system, in the shortest amount of time.

With enrolled students numbering in the hundreds worldwide each semester, SolRx boasts an overall pass rate of over 80% to 90% Part II (OSCE) and OSPE

SolRx has a network of over 3000 alumni, actively working in all Health Care sectors, who’s influence is truly felt in the Canadian pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

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